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DPS Resources Berhad (DPS) was established as a public limited company on 3 November 2003, having been incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act, 1965 on 9 October 2003 as a private limited company. DPS is an investment holding company for two major subsidiaries, DPS Industries Sdn Bhd and Shantawood Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, both wholly-owned, and principally involved in the manufacture of rubberwood furniture, rooftrusses, plywood doors and wooden window frames, in addition to sawmilling, kilndrying and wood treatment. DPS' other subsidiaries are DPS Properties Sdn Bhd, Toko Industries Sdn Bhd and Diamond Terrace Sdn Bhd.

DPS was first listed on the Second Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities on 12 August 2004. As a testimony to the strength and success of DPS, it was transferred to the Main Board on 9 November 2005.

Over the years, DPS and its subsidiaries have established its reputation in the wood-based manufacturing industry, with vertical involvement in upstream activities consisting of pressure treatment and kiln drying, to downstream activities consisting of furniture manufacturing. Today, DPS focuses on the manufacture of rubberwood kitchen and dining furniture for both the overseas and local markets. Approximately 61% of its turnover is derived from exports. DPS commands a market share that puts it among the leading manufacturers in its sectorů

DPS' revenue and profits are mainly generated from its three main activities. Its primary activity is the manufacturing of rubberwood furniture, designed to various styles and applications to serve different target markets. The furniture is designed and manufactured in collaboration with the customers, based on joint design specifications in line with current trend and styles in various international markets. In addition to manufacturing as an OEM for various foreign brands, DPS also manufactures under its own Shantawood and DPS trademarks.

Of the many types of furniture, DPS focuses on rubberwood kitchen furniture. At the same time, its production versatility enables it to produce other types of furniture, ranging from household furniture, outdoor furniture to commercial furniture, using various species of wood, wood veneer, and composite materials.

Thus, the company's success in penetrating into new markets and its ability to secure better sales for its existing customers through a range of well accepted product designs are the main factors for DPS's reputation as one of the market leaders today.

DPS has one of the largest kiln drying facilities in Melaka. After undertaking processes such as pressure treatment, kiln drying and lamination, components and materials are further processed into furniture. Excess components and materials are sold to other smaller local furniture manufacturers as semi-finished products.

In addition, DPS is also involved in the manufacture of rooftruss.

Out of the approximately 180 manufacturers of rubberwood kitchen furniture in Malaysia, an estimated 3% are larger-sized manufacturers employing more than 100 workers. DPS ranks among the top employers in term of size of workforce with more than 1,200 employees.

DPS participate in various local and international furniture exhibitions and fair which covers the Middle East (Dubai, Jeddah, Istanbul), India (Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi), China (Guangzhou, Shanghai), United States of America (High Point, New York, Tupelo, Las Vegas), United Kingdom (Birmingham, London, Manchester), Europe (Copenhagen, Helsinki, Valencia, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Moscow, Poznan), Africa (Johannesburg, Cairo, Dar es Salaam) and Asia-Pacific (Sydney, Melbourne, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta).